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le all trace of a son, Zhu Qizhen could not help but slightly moved, the original tent among the lively atmosphere suddenly seemed to be somewhat dull again. Off Wilson seems to notice that the atmosphere that something was amiss, embarrassed cough twice: "Your Majesty hasty strange villain is thought dead father, twenty years ago, my father had with the Ming dynasty in Datong area operations, never came back. "" If there is no war between us just fine. "Zhu Qizhen sip Kumiss, picks up a piece of cheese thrown into the chewing, rather sighed with emotion. Later on national unity and made good, at least they have a lot of students are Mongolian, and visited prairie edge, the enthusiasm felt Mongolian herders, but those memories at the moment seem so far removed not by Zhu Qizhen and fuzzy no emotion. PS: The second and more arrive! Too much to force parents who, thanks to heavy rain sunny spray Awards, thanks ri wanzai ヰ mushroom Wo big reward, but also feeling every night fourteen Lang, Scarecrow's Kemeng Nan's Christian Louboutin Outlet a reward support, thank you pro unlimited new book on the sunny Support."Your Majesty!" Pharaoh stood up straight to rushed to the woman before the wall and looked Zhuangruo Zhu Qizhen madness took a short case goes to thwarted efforts of those who want to rush carriage christian louboutin outlet online Waci Jingji, continue in that clamorous howling: "...... do not and the pro! Not reparations! without annexations! Not tribute! emperor to keep the country! king dead boat!" "Chendeng Zunzhi!" do not know who this voice cries intermittently yelled force, one moment, the city head on over one hundred civil and military unison shouted: "Chendeng Zunzhi!" heard that voice response, Zhu Qizhen Adds a little smile , the evil hands of Mazar toward a baleful caught his foot on the Christian Louboutin Outlet Men head Waci soldier who spent, he again raised his head: "contrary to the will of who will cast aside by the people of the world, for the people of the world total punish the thief, I was dead, and they would never let this prove ungrateful, who, I date your grandmother,
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